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Find Your Way to Healthier Reactions to Stress

Welcome to Nutritional Rebalancing

Your experience includes fresh, local foods with a lovely farm to table experience. I will be including information on how plants are our allies and especially beautiful Adaptogens, and how they will help facilitate your energetic shift. It is amazing what the body can do when you address nutritional deficiencies. Check out our classes, online and in person.

  • Nutritional Rebalancing with Janice
  • Farm to Table Food Experiences
  • “Unique-to-Maui” Healing Modalities
  • Custom, personalized itineraries for improved wellness
  • Managing Stress with Nutrition
  • Plants, Purpose and the Pursuit of Happiness

Unwind in the most remote island chain in the world in a safe and healing environment. For interesting events happening around Maui, follow

Wellness in Maui

Maui Singing Bowl

Maui is home to the world’s only giant singing bowl. Maui’s singing bowl provides an experience like no other. The singing bowl sends thousands of frequencies through your body while you are suspended above the bowl simulating each and every cell to vibrate harmoniously. You will feel throughout your body and walk away with a renewed joyful energy.

TRE with Sam

TRE is a powerful and effective modality that helps you manage stress by utilizing your body’s natural and organic way of letting go of tension through “neurogenic tremoring.”

Be sure to check with me for a recommendation on which massage therapist may be a good fit for you.

The Harmonic Egg

The Harmonic Egg uses sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies to empower the body’s own healing energy.

Farm Tours & Cooking Classes

I love customizing unique farm to table experiences where you can experience all  that Maui has to offer.

Cooking Classes designed to help you enjoy more plant based over processed foods. 

Joyful Movement on the Beach

This is a compassionate practice to move through the pain of grief and loss And reconnect back to more empowerment and love. We use yoga, breath, sound and movement to help transform the pain and struggle to more harmony and love.

Lei Making Classes
Honua Chiropractic

Check out this very unique approach to chronic pain and schedule with Josh while you’re here. 

Looking for a Place to Stay?

I highly recommend the services of Lisa Setiawati of Royal Realty. Take a look around, and ask me if you have any questions!

Lisa Setiawati (RS-81636)
Royal Realty (RB-20324-1)
300 Ohukai Road # B326
Kihei HI 96753
Direct: (808) 727-0645

Maui Roadsters

For a fun outing, Maui Roadsters offers a unique and exhilarating driving experience on one of the most breathtaking islands in the world.

Surf Cycling Hawaii

For a fun activity try something new like Surf Cycling!

Daniel Aaron Breath Classes

Transformational Breath® is a complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life.

Art and Music Therapy

Music and Art both are wonderful ways to ease your stress and bring out your creative visions.  I work with several artists and musicians to create customized experiences to help you get in touch with your creative juices and get back in the flow. Here are some artists we work with:

Schedule with Me today and let’s dream together.

“With my healthy toolbox and experienced guidance we walk the path together in joyful wellness.”