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Aloha from Maui friends,

I’m on a mission to help more people recover from physical and financial stress. I love sharing what I have learned and experienced to help people heal, balance, adapt to stress better and live their best life! This inspires me daily to help people feel their best and live with more freedom. It is a fantastic lifestyle, to live healthy and have the time freedom to enjoy every day to the fullest.

I have been a joyful, full time traveler for years and landed in Maui in 2019. My husband and I in 1998, created our dream lifestyle with our gorgeous lavender farm, where we created all kinds of plant based products and hosted countless events sharing the benefits of plants and how they help us adapt to life. After raising our family on our beautiful lavender farm, bed and breakfast in Central California, we experienced great transition after I broke my leg in 2009.  It was the most challenging time of my life and chronic stress darn near killed my husband and me. I put on 100 pounds of depression after we had to sell our farm at a great loss and start over. After working our way back into the living, through transformation, we traveled the country for 3 years in our RV to find our forever home. All along the way, I experienced my healing journey through nutritional rebalancing and began helping others join me. It has been very rewarding to help others feel this good and I am passionate about paying it forward. 

Stress Kills Dreams. I Help You Dream BIG Again.

I have been an Entrepreneur for 35 years, following my dreams and I love mentoring others to follow their dreams and realize their true potential, while always supporting growth. I have been sharing the benefits of plants for 30 years and love showing people the power of adaptogens to change everything. I work remotely as well as in person offering healthy retreats here in Maui. I especially love helping women in transition. I spend my days in gratitude for being able to make a difference for a living. 🙂

I swim, ride my bike, walk and enjoy the healthy lifestyle I love.

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Please check out my services and click on the links to learn more how I can help you feel better and come to Maui for your wellness reset. It is amazing what can happen when you address the nutritional deficiencies and experience more joyful wellness. I look forward to meeting you and sharing more.